How Do You Fix a Leaf Blower That Won’t Start?

Leaf Blower Won't Start

It’s not really the best experience to have a nonfunctional leaf blower in your hands when you need it the most. Those who have experienced such problems know how frustrating it can be.

However, when you’ve stored your leaf blower for a long time, it is not unusual for it to refuse to start when you finally bring it out. Luckily, when it happens this way, the chances are that it’s a minor issue that you can deal with through a few tricks and tips.

If you’re facing this dilemma and would like a way out, read these nine reasons why a leaf blower won’t start the article. You’ll pick a few solutions here too.

1. Leaving Fuel in Your Leaf Blower for Too Long

Why A Leaf Blower Won't Start

The first likely cause of a dead leaf blower at the start of autumn is old fuel. Fuel left in your blower’s tank for too long can do severe damage to the equipment. The gas that has lasted for up to 30 days in your blower is capable of wreaking havoc to the gadget in no small way. The machine may not start correctly or refuse to work altogether.

If you let fuel lie in the tank for six to twelve months, it’ll eventually turn to thick sludge because the liquid would have evaporated. The remedy is to empty the tank of old fuel and replace it with a fresh one.

Always remember to remove all fuel from your blower preferably after each use. However, if you can’t do this, make sure the oil does not exceed a month in the machine’s tank. You’ll prevent a lot of trouble by doing this.

2. A clogged Carburetor

Somehow, clogged carburetors can often be linked to leaving old fuel in the blower. This is because when you attempt to use your blower while stale fuel still lies in it, the thick consistency that the substance has taken on will block the carburetor.

To repair this you need to clean the carburetor. Note that cleaning the carburetor may not solve the problem completely. In this situation, you may need to rebuild it. In the worst scenario, you’ll need to replace this component altogether. Again, always rid the leaf blower of all residue fuel before long term storage.

3. Clogged Fuel Filter

Another problem old fuel cause is a blocked fuel filter. Therefore, if your blower is malfunctioning, you may want to check the fuel filter and see whether it is clogged.

A blocked filter will need replacement. Your blower should start working correctly afterward.

4. Oil-gas Mix getting separated

This issue is associated with two-stroke engines because you’ll need to mix oil and gas to power the motor. This mixture may begin to separate if you leave it unused for a while in the machine.

All you need do to remedy this situation is to give your tool a thorough shake. Start your blower, and it’ll begin working just fine.

5. Spark Plug

Spark Plug

Apart from fuel problems. Spark plug issue is the next common cause of a blower not starting. This is especially so if you’ve just dug the machine out after storing it for so long. The thing with spark plugs is that they can get damaged, and worn quite quickly. Of course, your blower will refuse to start if any of these happens to the plug.

It is easy to clip the plug bag into place if it is not connected in the right way. If it is dirty, clean it. If the problem with your spark plug is a more serious one like a cracked insulator or burnt electrode, it is best to have the plug replaced replace.

Thankfully, this part is not expensive. Besides, it is always better to replace the spark plug of your leaf blower at the beginning of every season. You can even change it more frequently if you use your tool regularly.

6. Blocked Air Filter

Blocked Air Filter

The air filter is a critical component in a leaf blower/ vacuum. A faulty air filter can stop the oil and fuel from mixing well in the machine’s engine. When this happens, the blower can stop working.

An air filter normally gets blocked when it has been used extensively. However, the way to prevent and repair this blockage is to clean the filter regularly. If the air filter has accumulated so much dirt that it can’t be cleaned, replace it with another one.

7. Blocked Spark Arrestor

The main function of a spark arrestor is to prevent the blower from expelling sparks. If this component gets clogged, the whole machine will refuse to work.

To resolve this problem, remove the spark arrestor and clean it using a brush.

8. Primer Not Pumped

You must pump the primer before pulling your leaf blower’s starter cord. Failure to do this will lead to difficulty in starting your equipment.

Try pumping around five to six times and draw the cord again to know whether this is the problem. You should read the user manual to find out the right way to start your blower.

9. Broken or Damaged Rewind Spring

A rewind spring rewinds the starter cord. If this spring breaks, it will not be able to function as it should. This will affect the overall workings of the machine.

The solution is to replace the broken spring with a good one.

Causes of Non-gas-powered Leaf Blowers Not Starting?

Your electric leaf blower may refuse to start for various reasons. First, if it is corded, make sure the cord is plugged to the power source. Also, ensure that the plug is turned on. You may also want to check whether the battery is fully charged. The Vacuumcleaners4u recently published an article on how to buy an excellent cordless leaf blower, you may read that.

Conclusion: Your manual is an essential point of reference whenever anything is wrong with your leaf blower. You’ll likely find guidelines on how to handle various problems you may face while using the blower in it.

But after you have followed the recommendation and tried out all the tips provided here, you may want to proceed to a good repair if the leaf blower still refuses to work.

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