How To Choose A Lawn Mower – Lawnmower Buying Guide


Whether you have a huge lawn or a small grass batch in the backyard, you will need a mower. Not any mower, but something that can provide an even cut. But, how will you find the right option without knowing their types and features?

The evaluation will take a lot of time and effort because there are thousands of options available when we talk about lawnmowers. It’s the reason we tested all the lawnmower categories and prepared this buying guide for you. After reading the post, you will be able to know which type of mower will be suitable for your lawn.

How To Choose A Lawn Mower For Your Lawn?

Different Types of Mowers

1. Cylinder Lawn Mower


Cylinder based mowers use multiple blades set along a cylinder to cut the lawn grasses. When the cylinder rotates, the blades attached to it forces the grasses to cut against a fixed blade. Keep a cylinder mower sharp as well as maintained and it will give you a scissor-like cut; even and smooth.

Most of the cylinder mower comes with 5 or 6 blades and is best for lawns wherein you need to cut the grasses after a week or 10 days. Cylinder mowers can be manual, gas-powered or electric, depending upon the make and model.

2. Rotary Mower


Rotary mowers utilize only one blade that rotates at very high speed to chop the grasses. Such lawnmowers are versatile and are suitable for rough grasses. A rotary grass cutting tool can be petrol powered or electric; corded or cordless.

3. Hover Lawnmower


Hover lawn tools are also rotary, but they move on a cushion of a thin layer instead of wheels. Such a mower stays above the grass bed, so moving them over uneven grounds is comparatively easier. You will notice that a hover is comparatively affordable than the rotary or cylinder models. However, such machines not suitable for large gardens. Almost all the hover lawnmowers are mains powered.

Available Power Options

1. Manual

You need to push a manual mower and move its blades using your physical power. A manual push mower is great for small areas and is environmentally friendly because of its emission-free nature. Moreover, it never makes an impact on your electricity bills or creates extra noise while cutting the grasses. You can get a robust push mower within $80.

2. Electricity

A large number of lawnmowers use mains power, so they need a regular power outlet to operate. If you own a small or medium-sized lawn, then it is the best version that you can purchase. Such a machine is easy to use, maneuver, and store. Moreover, a corded mower is comparatively cost-effective than others. You can get a nice electric machine from $80 to $200.

3. Battery

No longer an underdog, the battery dependent lawnmowers cut the grasses as good as a corded or gas-powered machine. A cordless mower utilizes a battery to generate power and is available in both manual push as well as self-propelled versions. Easy to use and store when compared to gas models; however, such a tool has limited runtime according to battery power. You can get a high-quality cordless mower anywhere between $130 to $300.

4. Petrol

No limitation of battery or power cable and a petrol mower can cover more acres when compared to a cordless or mains powered version. They are available in both walk-behind and self-propelled versions. However, petrol mower has high maintenance and running costs because of fuel and maintenance. The helpful and interesting post you can read about the best petrol lawn mower with roller UK.

Factors to consider

  • Manual push or self-propelled: Corded, cordless or petrol propelled; all the mower versions come with either walk behind movement or self-propulsion. Choose one of them according to your convenience.
  • Lawn size: As we were discussing, corded and cordless options are suitable for a small and medium lawn. For significant areas, consider fossil power.
  • Cutting width: What is the area a mower can cover in one pass? It depends upon the blade or deck size. Large blade width means you will spend less time mowing a lawn.

Bottom line

The above-given information must be enough to give you a clear idea about the different types of lawnmowers available to purchase. Whether it’s a cylinder or rotary, corded or cordless, it will only give you the best services when you choose one of them depending upon your lawn size, grass type, and other requirements.

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