Recumbent Stationary Bike Workout Tips

Recumbent Stationary Bike Workout Tips

There are some basic rules and technic for doing workouts with a recumbent bike to get the best from this machine as there are many advantages of using a recumbent bike. The first one is it gives less pressure on your joints and lower spine than any conventional motorcycle available in the market.

A recumbent bike comes with a backrest with comfortable pedals. Most of the recumbent bike has a facility to adjust its sitting position so that it produces less pressure on upper body parts and also lower body parts. If you are new to this machine and learning for the best then this following tips and tics are certainly will help you:

Sitting Adjustment

Before starting any light or hard work out on the recumbent bike, you need to adjust the seat for comfort and better results.

After sitting on the bench, keep your feet on the pedal and spin a few times and smooth. Adjust the position according to height, focus on your knee extension, slightly bend your knees, and adjust it forward or back according to your need.

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Energetic Warm-up Session

While doing a workout with the recumbent bike takes lots of energy and full-body movement. You work on various muscles and put pressure on joints and spines.

So if you do not loosen up your muscles properly, it may have a risk of having damage to your tissues and muscles or have several injuries during the exercise.

To prevent this problem, you can do some dynamic warm-up sessions consist of walking lunges, knee highs; side bends leg swings or alternative toe touches, etc. Gradually increase the range lower to higher.

Light Movement or Warm-up

After dynamic stretches and sitting, adjustment, one can do another five minutes of the light warm-up session to get the most of it. This tactic will increase body temperature gradually and release the muscles for further workouts.

The Perfect Form Of Exercise

Determining your body’s exact posture is one more important fact to consider while using a recumbent bike. You can put your hand on the front handles, but you should not lean forward, maintaining the straight body posture is very much important.

There is a comfortable backrest to give support to your back, so you better use it. Leaning forward can damage your muscle and create imbalances throughout your body.

Fixing the Resistant Levels

To get faster speed, you can pedal faster rather than increasing the level of resistance, as a higher level of strength makes it difficult for giving pedals smoothly.

When you become pro, it won’t be a problem for you, but initially, you have to get yourself adapted with the resistant levels. The daily practice and challenges will enhance your leg muscles and develop them. Your training will become more progressive than before.

Training Interval

For better results, you should do training with proper range, like you can do light activity time to time in the middle of intense activity to boost your energy.

Taking interval training will increase the amount of calorie burning and makes the workout livelier. You can increase or decrease the speed or resistance levels for proper interval training.

Workout Time or Duration

Maintaining the regularity in using a recumbent bike is very important to consider for losing weight and burning calorie fast. Most of the renowned shorts consultants like American college of sports medicine say that 30 minutes of workout or cardio is beneficial for health, but 60 to 90-minute workout can take up to lose your weight and burn the excessive calorie at least five days a week.

It means if you want only health benefits, then do regular light exercise, but if you want to lose weight, then stick with harder and longer time exercise.

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