The 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Battery Mower

Buying a Battery Mower

Considering their convenience, lightweight frame and less noisy nature, a battery-powered mower is what most people gravitate towards nowadays. This no-cord version is a great improvement on the wired mower which is usually a pain if not used carefully.

However, despite the rising popularity of battery mowers, the position of gasoline lawn cutters as the most powerful and reliable mowing machines is still intact. This is especially so with recent models being upgraded and enhanced to be more user-friendly.

Plus, battery mowers still create a number of concern for users. First, they run on a battery which often goes low before the job is finished. Also, some models are quite expensive.

Therefore, if you need a new mower don’t run off to get a battery-powered one just yet. You should first understand the myth surrounding petrol lawn mowers and then decide afterwards if a battery version is still the best choice.

Famous Myths About Lawn Mowers

1. The Mower type Does Not matter If What You Want is Healthy Grass

The health of a lawn is indirectly linked to the quality of cut the mower provides. Grasses that are cut well tend to be healthier and lush. Latest gasoline mowers come with improved blade design that helps the machine cut more neatly and healthily.

Meanwhile, many battery-driven models are designed with reduced blade length just so users can maximize battery life. This, of course, affects the quality of their cut. Besides, petrol powered mowers cut through thick grasses with ease.

On the other hand, battery lawn trimmers often use a lot of power to tackle tough turf which can weaken its performance overtime or cause its battery to drain quickly.

2. It is Difficult to Maintain Petrol Mowers

Maintain Gas Mowers

Gone are the days when petrol-driven mowers could not function properly without the time consuming and messy process of changing oil.

Latest innovations such as the Check and Add Technology which is now available on Stratton and new Briggs engines have made things much easier. Rather than changing the oil entirely, you can now simply check the oil level and add the needed amount to it.

3. It is Easier to Power and Store Battery mowers

Homeowners love the battery mower so much because it is so easy to power, and the machine can be stored easily. All you need to do is use a key, press a button and boom! Your battery mower is started. Also, some models can be compacted for easy storage which is a great thing.

However, if these are the features enticing you towards battery mowers, it would interest you to know that petrol-powered lawn mowers (see the top picks in UK) have upgraded, and they too are not so difficult to start anymore.

Many users especially hate the pull cord since it’s so tasking. But gas mowers now come with a press starter button which makes starting the equipment very easy. Also, certain gas models can even be collapsed to aid easy storage.

4. Battery mowers Are more Expensive Since they Offer More

Battery lawn mowers cost an average of £50 higher than gas mowers. Even when you calculate the gas mower’s fuel costs and compare it with the cost of replacing the battery of a cordless mower, the cost of the battery mower is still higher. For instance, a self-drive gas mower can be around £269 while the self-propelled version of a battery mower will cost about £499.

Interestingly, when you factor in the life expectancy period of both machines, you’ll discover that gas-powered mowers are generally more durable being able to last for over 10 years. Battery Powered mowers, however, may need replacement after every five years.

Also, let’s not forget that batteries tend to wear out as well. Therefore, the longer the machine is used, the weaker the battery becomes. Typically, there’s at least a 6% drop in the battery’s run time even when fully charged. And depending on other factors like storage, yard condition and model, this percentage may increase.

5. Battery Mowers Are More Eco-friendly

Battery Mowers Are More Eco-friendly

Maybe battery lawn mowers are not as environmentally friendly as we think. While it is correct that no fumes are released when the battery mower is working, they do need electricity to recharge.

If the source of this electricity is a coal-powered plant, then fumes are release. That’s not all. Sooner or later you’ll have to get rid of the dead battery of your mower. Batteries are toxic and can be harmful to the environment if left just anywhere.

That said, gas-powered mowers have improved tremendously such they now release cleaner emissions than they did many years back. Manufacturers of gas-powered mowers are also working on noise reduction. Some brands have even managed to bring down the noise level of their gas machines.


So, you see, gas mowers may not be as bad as you think they are. If after all these years they still exist, then it must be because they really are indispensable, battery mower or no battery mower.

Therefore, knowing all these, you might want to consider going for a gas mower instead of a battery one.

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