What To Look For In A Cordless String Trimmer

The homeowners need cordless string trimmer to clean and beautify their garden. The String trimmers use a thin, flexible line to cut grass and other obstacles as well. It has a diminishing tip on one end and an extended and long shaft with a handle. For the trimmer to work, the line has to be turned as fast as possible and is held out from the rotating reel by centrifugal force.

What Is A Codeless String Trimmer?


Initially, the string trimmer was gas-powered. Corded electric models later replaced them. The cordless trimmer has now become popular and proved to be superior over its predecessors. They are advantageous and convenient. It does not have a power supply wire, and they can be used anywhere.

What To Look For In A Battery String Trimmer?

For quality results, when it comes to tackling weeds and grass, you have to check the best cordless strimmer UK on gardengrower for the job. Do you need a new trimmer? Here are several and easy tips on what to look for in a battery string trimmer.

The Components Making Up Its Battery


The best battery and the most dominant in the market is the one made of lithium-ion. It is known to have several advantages over the other old formats, that is NIMH and NICAD. They can be stored for a longer period of time without losing their charge.

They can also be charged at any given time without damaging their cells. Nowadays, manufacturers are now combining lithium-ion batteries with motors to offer a longer lifetime. This has increased its efficiency. A trimmer with good battery chemistry is sustainable.

Battery Capacity

You have to choose a string trimmer with a battery that has the run time to complete your tasks. You can gauge the ability by checking the ampere-hour (Ah) rating. It is mostly written on the battery. The higher the Ah capacity, the more the time your trimmer will work without you charging it. After buying the trimmer, you can also buy a few extra spare batteries which will even keep you all through the day.


From the standard-setting and general electricity knowledge, the higher the voltages, the more the power. In today’s market, it is not a rare thing to find cordless trimmers with voltages of up to fifty-four volts or even much more. It is therefore essential to check your trimmer’s product manual to determine the best voltage trimmer you need.

Type of Trimmer Convenient With Your Tasks

There are two types of trimmers in the market, and the classification is based on the style of the string trimmer’s shaft. One has a straight shaft, and the other has a curved shaft. The straight shafted trimmer is the most common type. It works well under fences or in hard-to-reach areas, corners as well as other tight spaces.

On the other hand, curved shafted trimmer are less common. They are however convenient for cutting grass and trimming weeds in open areas. It is also regarded to be more comfortable to use.

You can also consider the height of the user. The best string trimmer would probably be the one with an adjustable shaft.

The Period You Want To Use The String Trimmer

Believe it or not, outdoor power tools have a shelf life too! You are therefore supposed to choose a trimmer that is more compatible with the time frame of your work. You will not want a trimmer that breaks down after several trims. You will also not want one that is expensive only for you to use it twice or thrice monthly.

Final Verdict

Cordless trimmers have many advantages. They also have a few disadvantages as well, just like everything else in life,  and they are therefore not deal breakers. For example, the nylon string gets worn out faster, and you have to check them after every use consequently.

Nonetheless, if you do not want to be restricted by a cord while doing your trim, and also don’t want a bulky and noisy trimmer, these cordless gadgets are the apparent solution. They are non-polluting and easy to use. Nevertheless, they can throw stones and send debris flying all over at high speed and indifferent yet random directions.

You, therefore, need to take several safety measures. This includes wearing safety glasses, a visor, or any other form of eye protection.

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